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How to choose a bathtub for my home?

If you are thinking of installing bathtub for your new house, the article below is a must for you to go thru. Bathtub not only allow to clean yourself but also provide a place for you to get yourself relax. Below are things that you have have to consider while choosing bathtub:-

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  • To make sure that a bathtub will fit in your bathroom, then you have to measure the spaces between them well.
  • To make sure that your baths will remain relaxing as well as hot, you will need to find out whether your current water heater can deal with the capacity of a new bathtub.
  • The right material has to be chosen. For example, fiberglass is not only cheap but light and durable, and even though porcelain is heavy but resistant to abrasion. Meanwhile, cast-iron bathtubs have a long life span but is more costly than other materials. And marble looks elegant and expensive, but it can be chipped and cracked easily.
  • The color of the bathtub is important because it compliment to the rest of your bathroom’s design. There are a variety shades of grey and white , or bright colors such as pink and green.
  • If you want shower to be added into your bathroom, then you must choose a bathtub that allows shower installation since not all bathtubs let you install shower.
  • You will also need to decide what style and materials you prefer, a modern style, like a whirlpool tub, or an antique style tub, and types of material: acrylic to stone or cast iron.
  • The tub’s shape and size have to be taken into account as well, based on the dimensions of your bathroom. Tub’s shape is either corner, free-standing, or basic rectangular designs with a standard depth of 372mm.