odourless paint

What is odourless paint and the benefits of it?

odourless paintIn older days, whenever we walk into a newly painted home, we might experience some unpleasant smell and might give you some side effect like headache. Thanks to technology, odourless paint (also known as low VOC paint) has become more popular in the market for the past few years and this give human a healthier living environment. For our better understanding, the unpleasant smell came from the volatile organic compounds (VOC) and organic chemical compounds which mostly found in those traditional paints and solvents. As proven, paint with high VOC can cause many harmful side effect to human, especially within indoors environment.

As these traditional paint (high VOC) is harmful to our health, it might be a good option to opt for odourless paint that has lower VOC. You might ask me what’s the benefit of odourless paint? Below are some of the beneifts of using odourless paint:-

  • Reduced toxins and provide a better living environment to everyone ( especially those with allergies).
  • Reduces ozone depleting contaminants.
  • Easy cleanup wtih soap and warm water.
  • Very low or no odor during and after application
  • Improve indoor air quality

Happy Painting!