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Glass Skylight

Glass Skylight is one of the important renovation element for landed properties. Skylight not only act as a shelter for rain but it also allow natural light and energy saving. In Malaysia, it is not common to see glass skylight that install at the roof top to allow more natural light to go into the house. But most of us prefer to install the skylight outdoor like entrance, car porches, balconies, garden, walk way and etc.

glass skylight malaysia, skylight, glass skylight

Garden skylight that use to block rain and direct sun light

There are several types of skylight available in the market, eg. glass skylight, polycarbonate skylight, low-e skylight, and etc. Each skylight has it’s own unique selling point and you have to choose the one that suit you most.

rooftop skylight, skylight

Rooftop Skylight that allow more natural light to get into the room

glass skylight, car porch skylight

Glass skylight for car porch.

skylight, fixed skylight, glass skylight

Fixed skylight that capture natural light and allow energy saving

glass skylight, glass skylight outdoor

Garden Skylight that allow small gathering

glass skylight, garden skylight

Garden Skylight

glass skylight, garden skylight, entrance skylight, door way skylight

Walk way skylight to block rain and direct sun light

* Images taken from Glass Malaysia