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Choosing The Right Reading Light

There are many type of light bulb available in the market, ever think of which type of Light is good for your eyes when reading? Many people thought that any type of light is the same, but choosing the right reading light is important in order to keep your eyes comfort and feeling less tiring after long hours of reading.

Setting of Light

Hera are a few tips on your reading light setting;

  • The height of the light shade should be around 30cm – 35cm in height
  • Look for a Desk Lamp for your reading light. So it can be adjust according to your position.
  • When you choosing a Desk Lamp, it’s better to choose one that come with anti-glare baffles. This is help you to reduce the glare from the light

Different Type of Lighting

  • Fluorescent – Good for day time usage, and it’s the normal bright color.
  • Halogen – Good for night time usage, it’s also called warm light.

Reading Light

Choosing a Desk Lamp

When choosing a Desk Lamp, try to look for one with flexible arm or adjustable pointing of the light to the direction that you wanted. Like we mentioned previously, choosing an anti-glare baffles if it’s possible.

Happy choosing a desk lamp, hope the tips could help you setup a great reading lighting.