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What is Low E Glass / Low E Window?

wide glass window
The E word is an abbreviated form of emissivity. Low E glass has a feature of a coating of microscopically thin together with layers of anti-reflective metal oxide coatings. With low-e glass , no UV light, which causes discoloration and impairment to your skin and furniture, and IR light which causes hotness, are able to be permeated into your home except harmless visible light.

Low-e glass have three types of panels to suit all kinds of weather. There are high, moderate and low gain panels. High solar gain panels is used to make your house warmer during winter time by simply throwing back heat to where it came from. Meanwhile, low solar gain panels work the opposite way. For areas with variations in climate, use moderate solar gain panels.

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Moreover, low E glass have other types. The first one is the soft coat that not only indirectly add some insulation but is also skillfully made. The second one is long-lasting hard coated low-e glass that is used in single paned windows and in retrofit projects.

You can get a high quality low E glass at a reasonably priced. The highest quality is better for your investment in terms of saving loads of extra energy bills costs. You may get big discounts when you buy an extra low E glass for future travel to any part of the world as it accommodates any weather.