Space Saving Double Decker Bed

Really cool ideas of saving space with this double decker bed design.

Blackboard for Kids

Get your kids start drawing or writing with the blackboard around your house.

Dinner and Working Table

Nowaday, we seen a lot restaurant putting up wooden table. Why not putting this table in your home, it can be your dinning table + working table as well. If your house has limitation of “space”. This might be a…

Modern Design Wardrobe

Modern design wardrobe with Coplanar Doors by Mazzali

Romantic & Cozy

Great place to chill with your love one

The Hanger Planter

The Hanger Planter is a product of a collaboration between designers, Brooklyn-based Doug Johnston and Michigan-based photographer Debbie Carlos, the pair spent the summer creating a series of objects under the name ‘Material Material’. By simply shipping each other raw materials for each…

Simple Cabinet

It seems like the cabinet going to fall just by one touch.

Two Tone Paints

Does anyone wants to try out the 2 tone paints on your door?

Prahran Hotel Renovates with Concrete Pipes

Melbourne based Techne Architects were commissioned to renovate the “Prahran Hotel” in Westgate. The hotel is renovates with Concrete Pipes. Check out the piping details.

Books Falling Apart

My books are falling apart… Oppss.. Just illusion